Најава догађаја

1. Create a new page.
2a. To show just events put in the page field:
[events_show type="default"]
2b. To also show the archive, put in the page field:
[events_show type="archive"]
2c. And to show todays Events, put in the page field:
[events_show type="today"]
2d. Or to show a weeks worth of Events, put in the page field:
[events_show type="week"]
3. Save the page.

customized lists (advanced)

Show a specific category:
[events_show category="2"]
Show a specific event:
[events_show type="default" event="9"]
To show just 2 events on your page use:
[events_show type="today" amount="2"]
To also show override the sort order:
[events_show type="default" order="thetime ASC"]
Or a combination:
[events_show type="archive" amount="15" order="ID ASC"]
Note: For the ‘order’ field review the table and use a table field name and ASC (ascending) DESC (descending), make no mistake here!

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